For more than twenty years, Tadree Coppedge (The NYC Luxury Homes) has advise real estate developers, lawyers, brokers, buyers and sellers using proven integrated marketing technologies and networks to provide unique value. Her ability to quickly assess both qualitative and quantitative aspect of a real estate investment and property valuations, are rooted in real comparable studies, not guesswork. Tadree understands your real estate decision is an investment that must not be risky, but must have increased benefits. She works tirelessly to ensure your real estate strategies align with your overall goals, comfort levels and timeframes. By strategically partnering with you she can meet your needs. Tadree also reflects significant sales and marketing skills, knowledge or principals and methods for showing, promoting, and negotiating products or services. Tadree knows how to locate a great investment and has a keen understanding of how to build net worth.

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 Tadree Coppedge