Dr. Maya Pettiford has been working as a Licensed Psychologist in private practice since 2013. Dr. Pettiford provides psychotherapy for individuals (preteens, adolescents and adults) experiencing emotional challenges that impede the ability to live a full and daring life.

Depression, anxiety, lack of consistency working towards goals, relationship problems, family conflict, poor self-image, imposter syndrome and other behaviors/symptoms born from the vestiges of the past (growing up in abject poverty, chronic exposure to violence and substance misuse in- and outside of the home, and chronic neglect and emotional abuse) are Dr. Pettiford’s areas of expertise.

Dr. Pettiford also provides professional services to aid attorneys and ensure holistic representation of their clients, including psychosocial assessments, comprehensive pre-plea and pre-sentence memoranda in criminal and supreme courts.

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Dr. Maya Pettiford