I am a Full spectrum doula based in Brooklyn

My name is Jomina Joseph. I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Support Counselor, a Neo-natal resuscitation Specialist, and a Birth Assistant based in Brooklyn, NY. I started my journey into birth work last year in 2021, but I was always a birth worker at heart. I have always been the nurturing person willing to lend a hand in order to help someone in need. My official journey to birth work started after seeing a family member experience a traumatic hospital birth that led to a C-section. I decided to become a Doula with services to expectant mom in order to increase their chances of a vaginal birth. Hence the reason why, I practice from a spiritual, holistic & traditional method. I am a continuous learner always looking for innovative methods that will support moms in labor to have a soothing and calm experience.

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Jomina Joseph