Located in the heart of Fort Greene, Explorers Academy Preschool is an early learning environment rooted in inclusivity with a dedicated approach to whole child education, and a sincere love for our parent and local community. Our curriculum focuses on the meaningful experiences of children and learning through all domains (cognitive, social-emotional, communication, physical, and adaptive) using developmentally appropriate practice. Our children enjoy learning about the world we share, nature, art, and technology simultaneously with traditional math, science, reading, writing, and social studies concepts through play, teacher-led activities, and child-led discovery. In this way, learning new or building upon previous concepts can be achieved in a playful manner.

We serve delicious, wholesome and healthful snacks and meals to the children in our care who deserve the absolute best in nutrition. Our mindful and nutritious meals can be prepared upon request to be free of common allergens including dairy, nuts and sesame. We can also accommodate vegan and vegetarian dietary requirements.

The menu is designed using a whole-foods and open-minded approach to meal-planning and is prepared daily by our school’s chef. Our menu is inspired by the beautiful diversity of our world and includes meals, snacks, and beverages from many of our world’s cultures. Our food is served on sustainable tableware.
After their time with us, our preschool children move on easily to private schools, dual-language and traditional programs at public schools, and a wide variety of local charter schools. We work with our families to ensure admissions goals for their desired programs, and both parents and elementary school directors express that our preschoolers arrive more than ready for the first day of their program. We are well-versed in the readiness requirements for Gifted & Talented testing, admissions requirements for private school families, and the STEM and CORE program requirements for public school and charter school programs.

Preschool highlights:

  • Engaging creative curriculum to engage each individual child.
  • Added enrichment including yoga, soccer, and creative movement.
  • Monthly family events and seasonal celebrations
  • Flexible extended evening and weekend childcare options for each student (as scheduled and available)
  • Wholesome meals and snacks
  • Flexible summer extension camp – register only for the weeks you need
Contact Name
Kisha Edwards-Gandsy